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Jordan Dumais

Right Wing5'9165

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A/P ScoreOriginal Draft YearYear DraftedHockey Prophet RankWeighted RankNHL DraftedNHL Draft Team
-2.6320222022257996Columbus Blue Jackets


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Player Notes

Hockey Prophets Player Notes
NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Jordan DumaisNoteGreat little flick pass into space leads Desnoyers to a breakaway.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteDecent speed as he hustles for a puck down ice.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteA pass intended for Desnoyers gets stopped at the crease, but Dumais was following the play to the net and he quickly wrists the loose puck home to tie the game. Good awareness of the game flow on that play.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteFast, able to carry into the offensive zone, takes his man wide, then slides a centering pass to L'Heureux who gets hauled down to prevent the dangerous chance.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteQuick feet, quick hands.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteWow. Puck behind the net, Desnoyers kicks it out to the side of the crease, where Dumais was closing in. All alone (both defenders were below the net), he stops the puck, rolls his wrists to get the blade behind the puck, then roofs it from right at the edge of the crease. What a beautiful goal. Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteAnother great show of hands as he takes a pass from Desnoyers, passes back to his left through the defender's triangle, and hits L'Heureux's stick perfectly for the tap in.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteStick in the lane breaks up a pass at one end, then hustles up ice, takes a pass and throws a nasty dangle that gets him to the front of the net. High skill player.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteGive and go, Desnoyers to Dumais to Desnoyers, goal.Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisSummaryHighly skilled player getting a lot of minutes on the top line, and for good reason. His hands are so fast, and his read of the play so good, that the puck continues to find him, and when it does, he makes the opposition pay. He plays with speed, but it's his hockey sense that puts him where he should be. Not appearing on any of the main 2022 draft lists yet, but he will. I can see him as a first-round pick at this point. Brian FogartyShawinigan vs Halifax (QMJHL)10/15/202110/18/202110240
Jordan DumaisNoteTries a sharp cross-crease pass, doesn't get through, then he gets the loose puck and snaps a shot on net.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteRight side on the powerplay, holds and walks in toward the net until he can draw the defender to him, then passes around him to the low post. Created that chance with patience.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteHis first couple of steps lack strong push, and have more of a high kick to finish. But after those steps he gets into good stride posture and looks better.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteLifts a stick to allow the pass to go through, then collects it on the other side. Smart play.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteGoes to the crease for the deflection attempt, saved low.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteGiving out instructions on the offensive zone faceoff setup.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteExcellent sequence. Gets back to his defensive zone, positions perfectly to create a turnover by stepping into the only lane where a pass could be possible, then shows off the sick hands in tight to pull the puck in, around the opponent, then a quick flick pass to start the attack. Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteHas the puck in deep, sees his team changing, so he turns to the corner boards, absorbs the pin and holds the puck until his team finishes it's line change. Another smart play.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteBeavertails a lot, calling for the puck, but almost always he is the best option at that time.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteFinishes the tic-tac-toe play with a beauty one-touch off the feed from Desnoyers. Was open hips for the pass, and soft hands to collect and shoot. Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNoteOn the ice for a defensive zone draw late, protecting a one-goal lead.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259
Jordan DumaisNotePatient pass out of his end, springs a breakaway for an empty net goal.Brian FogartyCape Breton vs Halifax (QMJHL)4/14/20224/14/202210259


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