Ranking the Draft


The Hockey Prophets draft rankings are a multi-phased process and are updated throughout the season leading up to the NHL draft. Rankings are based on several factors, the first and foremost among them are the multiple viewings of the prospects in the years leading up to the draft. In addition to subjective viewings, players are also rated based on the rankings of multiple services. Furthermore, an objective, back-tested model that considers multiple aspects of each player's age, normalized production, size and other factors generate objective scores that are then subjectively analyzed. Throughout the season, the Hockey Prophets publish ranking updates, until a final ranking is completed in the weeks before the NHL draft itself. 

As with all Hockey Prophets ranking and prediction services, results of past forecasts are back-tested in order to recalibrate models and techniques. However, the past draft rankings are kept in a static format for the public to view as they wish. 

Full lists for the current draft are reserved for premium members, but the top 64 prospects are available to the public. Past draft rankings beyond the current and most-recent years' ranks are open to all. Please consider supporting the Hockey Prophets project to gain access to the full rankings. 


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Age/Production Score: The Hockey Prophets draft year database is a collection of almost 2,000 players and their draft year statistics. Draft-year production has been normalized using NHLe translations, and standardized across the data set. Each player's age at the draft is also standaradized, and a weighted score is generated. The score itself has been backtested against player performance to determine the relative strength of the score. The score is also sometimes shown as "A/P Score."


Weighted Opinions: Each year, the Hockey Prophets collect multiple draft rankings from a variety of scouting services. The individual rankings are combined into a weighted, pre-draft score that is displayed as "weighted opinions."

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