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Beckett Sennecke

Right Wing6'2181

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Player Notes

Hockey Prophets Player Notes
NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Beckett SenneckeNoteStrong stride, big and powerful.Brian FogartyOshawa vs London (OHL)2/28/20243/5/202410298
Beckett SenneckeNoteGood-vision chip pass trying to spring a breakaway.Brian FogartyOshawa vs London (OHL)2/28/20243/5/202410298
Beckett SenneckeNoteOpens his hips to the pass, smooth catch and carry into the offensive zone, holds, draws two defenders, then dishes to the point.Brian FogartyOshawa vs London (OHL)2/28/20243/5/202410298
Beckett SenneckeNoteAcceleration and a long stretch keeps the puck from skidding out the offensive zone and he keeps the attack alive. The ensuing pass from the corner deflects into the net. That goal doesn't happen without Sennecke's effort at the blue line.Brian FogartyOshawa vs London (OHL)2/28/20243/5/202410298
Beckett SenneckeNoteGood one-timer attempt even though the pass forced him off balance.Brian FogartyOshawa vs London (OHL)2/28/20243/5/202410298


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