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Beau Akey


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-1.2820232023325656Edmonton Oilers


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Hockey Prophets Player Notes
NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Beau AkeyNoteSkates extremely well, fast in a couple of steps, slides up and back, four-way mobility is swift and smooth. Good command of his body.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeyNoteAnother example of his poise and mobility: steps up to a loose puck, snags it and reverses, then turns away from the forechecker and makes a perfect bank pass off the end boards behind his goal, hitting his defensive partner perfectly. Calm, wise, efficient.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeyNoteSets and shoots, hard wrist shot blocked.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeyNoteAkey is a gem.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeyNoteCarries through traffic. He's slippery, and enters the zone in possession. Nice play.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeyNoteLong wrist shot on net.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeySummaryDid not start the game with Akey on my list of players to focus on, but by mid-game he was forcing me to watch him. He does everything well, and looks like a truly promising prospect.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Sudbury (OHL)10/28/202111/8/202110245
Beau AkeyNotePins his man to the boards, and there was no escaping.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteOver-extends on an arm-check attempt, but his feet allow him to stick with Ethan Sims and restrict his chances, forces a difficult shot, wide.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteSkates around forecheckers, protecting the puck, enters the neutral zone and then hands off to Porco. Akey then follows to the slot.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteNice subtle lean back to take away a skating lane and buy a step for this teammate to gain puck possession.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteJumps up to keep a rolling puck in at the blue line.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteThrows a shot to the front but it goes wide.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteJoins the rush, but not at the cost of defense. He doesn’t cheat up ice, but his speed gets him to the zone at the right time anyway.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247
Beau AkeyNoteSpinning backhand pass off the boards and right on target.Brian FogartyBarrie vs Niagara (OHL)11/12/202111/18/202110247


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