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Zeev Buium


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NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Zeev BuiumNoteSilky, fluid skating in transition, dips and drives then slides the puck to the forward after hitting the offensive zone.Brian FogartyCornell vs Denver (NCAA)3/30/20243/30/202410300
Zeev BuiumNoteAt the point on the powerplay, gets the puck handles to draw the penalty killer closer, then a nice feed to the right, shot, goal.Brian FogartyCornell vs Denver (NCAA)3/30/20243/30/202410300
Zeev BuiumNoteAgile and quick, he can easily match elusive forwards trying to switch back and shake him. He looks frustrating to play against.Brian FogartyCornell vs Denver (NCAA)3/30/20243/30/202410300
Zeev BuiumNoteWhat a great play that all started with a brilliant read in his own end to intercept. Then after the puck goes up ice two-on-one, and a blocked rush shot skips out toward the blue line, Buium hustles up, cuts diagonally to reach the puck before it exits the offensive zone, then one-touches it against the grain to feed his attacking forward for a clean look. Just great stuff.Brian FogartyCornell vs Denver (NCAA)3/30/20243/30/202410300
Zeev BuiumNoteAnother excellent defensive read to get back into position and take away a potential net-front threat. Brian FogartyCornell vs Denver (NCAA)3/30/20243/30/202410300
Zeev BuiumSummaryFull tool kit with this guy. He has the innate hockey sense at in all game aspects, and wonderful skating that allows him to execute all the plays that his eyes are finding. Good size, soft hands. He's the real thing, no question.Brian FogartyCornell vs Denver (NCAA)3/30/20243/30/202410300


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