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Matthew Savoie


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A/P ScoreOriginal Draft YearYear DraftedHockey Prophets RankWeighted RankNHL DraftedNHL Draft Team
-1.8420222022599Buffalo Sabres


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Hockey Prophets Player Notes
NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Matthew SavoieNotePokes a loose puck up ice then beats both defenders to it deep in the offensive zone.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNoteUsing one hand on the stick while fending off the defenseman with this other arm, yet he is still able to use his wrist strength and make a nice, one-handed pass in the offensive zone.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNoteExcellent passer. Hands are soft, his passes on the tape and easy to receive. Lovely stuff.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNotePlays like he is fully confident that he is the best player on the ice. Composed, quiet game with the puck.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNoteSmooth one-time slapshot hits traffic, but the fundamentals were strong.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNoteHis ability to pass off the puckhandle makes his shot more deceptive as he closes on goal. No one can cheat shot when he has the puck on his stick. His vision and hands are so good that he just freezes everyone in place.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNoteHands are so lively and agile. Bouncing puck in front had no chance when it landed within Savoie's reach.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNoteHustling through the neutral zone, a chip pass bounces to him, and he chokes way up on his stick to get better control. He brings the puck down and enters the offensive zone at full speed and with full puck possession. What a play.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieNotePuck bounces off the end boards. Savoie closes to the goal line and one-times the bounce down the goal line and into the net. Wow!Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244
Matthew SavoieSummaryExcellent player. His passing and vision are near elite level. Skates exceptionally well, and alters pace as necessary to keep defenders guessing. As mentioned, his ability to pass instantly during puckhandling, equally adept forehand or backhand, freezes defenders and goalies and forces them to try to protect against both pass and shot, meaning they are often caught between choices and have a hard time defending either. High iq player in total control of the his game.Brian FogartyWinnipeg vs Moose Jaw (WHL)10/23/202111/2/202110244


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