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A/P ScoreOriginal Draft YearYear DraftedHockey Prophets RankWeighted RankNHL DraftedNHL Draft Team
-3.7520202020479Minnesota Wild


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Hockey Prophets Player Notes
NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Marco RossiNoteWhen Rossi has the puck, even some of the best CHL players of his draft class have a difficult time stopping or even slowing him from making the plays that he wants to make.Brian FogartyCHL Top Prospects Game (CHL)1/16/20202/2/202010215
Marco RossiNoteHands are so fast, he was able to take that pass on his backhand, pull it straight back to his left and release the shot immediately.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteSlips his man in the corner, peels into the circle, finds Hoefenmayer on the far post for a great opportunity. Then he follows up Hoefenmayer's shot looking for the rebound.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteLooking amazingly dangerous on every shift. The Steelheads have no answer for him.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteTurns are agile with the puck. He can twist and change directions with no effort.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteLeft side on the powerplay, dips a shoulder, digs with his left skate, then slides a pass to the point. The defender was completely fooled.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteThe pucks gets turned over on the powerplay, Rossi last man back, and he gains a step on the breakaway then a diving stick sweep disrupts the attempt.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteGoes behind the net and pins the defenseman with the puck, turns, finds the puck at this feet, and kicks a pass to the net front to create a deadly-looking opportunity. That one made me gasp. Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteEven in this forward-deep draft class, I think Rossi has a legitimate shot at the top ten.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNotePuck comes to him from the corner, he's in the low slot near the left circle, and he one-times it. Perfect choice, no hesitation. Saved, but a great scoring chance.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteThrows a breakout pass off the back of his headman, and the puck ricochets back into the defensive zone. That's the first clear mistake I've seen from him in the game.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteDazzling puck handling just schooled the opposing player. This kid has all the skills.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteRossi talking a lot, guiding his teammates, trying to organize on the faceoff. Then he outworks everyone to prove his point.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteJust realized that he's capturing all of my attention. It's hard not to watch him when he's out there. And he's out there a lot.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNotePuck loose at the boards, as he closes, he chokes way up on his stick, pivots and passes.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteNot physical, but will go to the net and battle for position.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiSummaryRossi continues to impress with every viewing. His work rate is off the charts, with constant effort on display on every shift. He plays such a smart, effective and simple game, with excellent wheels and soft hands. He has a variety of shooting options, his vision is excellent, and his decisions are nearly always spot on. He's a leader on the ice, playing his draft year like he's a overager veteran. His commitment to defense shows not only competitive nature but his on-ice command of the game, as well. He may be on the smaller side, but at 5'9 and 179 pounds he packs a lot of foot and hand strength into his frame and he doesn't look small on the ice. He is a multitool player and a top, top prospect in a deep class.Brian FogartyMississauga vs Ottawa (OHL)11/23/201912/5/201910202
Marco RossiNoteGood positional awareness in his end, but when he gets a loose puck, he tries a risky pass from behind his net to a defenseman right at the crease, and turns the puck over. Would have been better served with a more cautious play there.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNoteHeading a breakout, but Keating doesn't pass to him and Rossi goes offsides. He should have adjusted his entry speed or dragged his foot, but in all fairness, Keating should have moved the puck more quickly, too.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNoteHas excellent speed and uses it to win puck races, and he just caught Rees on a backcheck, and we know Rees can skate.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNotePassed when shooting may have been his better choice.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNoteOutpaced Tabak by a good margin.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNoteDefinitely a pass-first player. He just passed up another shooting opportunity.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNoteRossi is an excellent (2+) skater. Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiNoteGood vision to wait and find Quinn on the far post.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199
Marco RossiSummaryAnother early birthdate in the 2020 class (Sep 23) but Rossi should be considered a top 20 prospect. He will be among the top skaters in the class, and has great vision and hands. Would like to see more of his shooting, though he did launch a couple of nice, accurate attempts in this game. The game itself was bit sloppy overall and Sarnia was not the toughest competition, so I'd like to see more of him against quality competition.Brian FogartyOttawa vs Sarnia (OHL)11/8/201911/15/201910199


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