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Kevin Korchinski


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A/P ScoreOriginal Draft YearYear DraftedHockey Prophets RankWeighted RankNHL DraftedNHL Draft Team
-2.572022202210127Chicago Blackhawks


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Player Notes

Hockey Prophets Player Notes
NameNote TypeNoteWriterGame WatchedGame DateDate ViewedGame Number
Kevin KorchinskiNoteHe can really move, fast up ice, leans heavy into his edges on the turn, power backwards.Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNoteCarries the puck into the offensive zone up the left boards, pulls up with the puck and shakes the defender completely to gain space.Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNoteTons of composure in his game. He plays with control and tempo at both ends.Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNotePasses are accurate, even over long distances, placed and weighted to allow the receiver the best opportunity to gather and attackBrian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNotePlays the game like he's an adult on the playground, allowing the kids to play until he needs to step in a take over to get something done.Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNoteFollows the rush, goes to the front of the net, banging away for a rebound, but Boyko smothers.Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNoteHaven't seen him make a bad pass all game.Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiNoteExcellent long bounce pass off the side boards, right on target. Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242
Kevin KorchinskiSummaryKorchinski looked like an excellent blue-line prospect. He has the size at 6'2, 185 in his draft year, with excellent skating and high hockey iq. His poise on and off the puck is truly remarkable. His passing is superb and consistently well-selected. His positioning may have been off a couple of times, but he often corrected quickly, and his active stick and long reach helped to compensate. Several times he simply swept the puck off of the attacker's stick. Just an excellent two-way player. Brian FogartySeattle vs Tri-City (WHL)10/22/202110/26/202110242


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