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Top 50 Prospects: The Forwards

Top 50 Prospects: The Defensemen

Prospects play such an integral part of dynasty leagues that understanding the potential of the world's non-NHLers is crucial to building a consistent winner. Prospect ranking is a precarious art of scouting, experience, diligent research and a healthy dose of statistical analysis. There are several resources for top prospects, but Hockey Prophets focuses on the fantasy potential of players, and not just their proximity to the NHL or their abilities to crack a big-league lineup. Yes, a player's ability to make an NHL roster is critical, but that is only a part of their particular fantasy potential.

The Hockey Prophets prospect rankings look at post-draft, non-NHL players under 24 years of age. The ultimate order is based on several factors (see Prospect Ranking Methodology for more details), including converted NHL equivalent scoring for a player's draft year and any years since, actual draft position, a weighted pre-draft ranking, a custom score based on a player's age and scoring rate in his draft year, and other factors. The weighting of the factors is geared to produce an overall score of a players fantasy potential. The Hockey Prophets do not rank players based solely on their NHL potential as a player. A fourth-line, defensive forward might have a clear path to the NHL as a shutdown forward, but he probably won't show well on this list.

As with all projections, nothing is certain and simple vagaries of the human experience can subtly or drastically alter the outcomes. The prospect rankings found here are living lists and will change often as new information is collected and processed. However, unlike other lists, players are not likely to see dramatic changes to their relative positions. If a player was ranked at 170 six months ago and he's now at 15, the Hockey Prophets have failed you. It's as simple as that.

Top 50 Prospects: The Forwards

Top 50 Prospects: The Defensemen



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