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Players notes are collected while watching games closely, focusing on a few specific players. All in-game notes on players are presented here to give readers a sense of what we are seeing while focusing on the player in question. Often (not always) a summary of the player's attributes is written after the game. Both the summaries and notes help to give a picture of the player's single-game performance and abilities, and is a tremendous aid for understanding a player.

It is important to know that the Hockey Prophets do not notate all games watched, and not all players viewed will have notes associated with them. However, we are constantly adding notes to the compilation. Follow us on Twitter @hockey_prophets to get alerts when new notes are added. Also, premium members can request player notes on specific players, and the Hockey Prophets will seek clarity from the oracles.


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Player In-Game Notes (written during each viewing) and Summaries (written after each viewing)



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